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PVBOT V1 - PAIDVERTS CLICKER - PVBot will auto click all displayed ads at PTC site, PVBot will also solve any captchas and detect already viewed ads so not to waste time.

Product Features

  • Auto updater
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Request micro ads
  • Auto mute
  • Popup and flash blocker
  • Bandwidth reduction
  • Multiprocessing

Instructions & Conditions

  • All software, plugins or offers section shown on should be downloaded, purchased and/or used at your own risk. can't be liable for the suitability, reliability, availability, delivery time and accuracy of the software listed.

Intructions to use our captcha service with the software:

1. Install PVBot and HostsMan (or use the hosts file)
2. Setup with
HostsMan => "Tools" => "HostsMan Editor" => "Edit" => "Add Hostname"
Use "" as Hostname and as IP => Add
Then "File" => "Save" and "File" => "Close"

Start PVBot and use "Captcha" => select "AntiGate" => use your apikey as "Username/Password/API/Key" => Save it.


Settings (example) as screenshot:

3. Finish!

Other information:

Your software has the api? Or it works with our captcha service? Then contact us!
See our Helpsite, API and Extended API for more information.

Developer? Then we have a offer for you, if you will integrate our service with your software then we will share 10% of all incoming captchas from your software. Request a DEVID for your software. We also can generate discount codes for our service, please send us a message and we will generate it.