1. Is there an interface?

Yes, there is a link under plugins / section API. Examples in Perl, PHP, Ruby, AutoIt, Java, C#, Python and more.

2. How fast are the captchas solved?

On average 30 seconds, it usually takes less time. Exceptionally it can take 60 to maximally 999 seconds.

3. How about the security of the users?

The password is protected by SHA512 and the cookie is invalidated when changing the password or the e-mail address. Naturally a new cookie is created when the change is correct. For all submitted and solved captchas a full log can be viewed, in addition to that own API keys can be created and deactivated independently.

4. Why am I sent to the homepage after a period of inactivity?

The serverload is reduced after a certain amount of time to avoid captchas not being solved. In this case you are automatically redirected to the homepage.

5. How do I receive support quickly?

Please use the internal ticket system as a member. Tickets are usually answered within 24 hours. Multiple tickets with the same content delay it.

6. Why am I not receiving credits when reporting a wrong captcha?

When standard captchas are reported as being incorrect multiple times the system checks for abuse. Usually not more than two captchas are reported wrong in a row.
Abuse is not tolerated in any way.

7. Is it possible to purchase credits?

Yes, we offer many packages for that.

8. Are other systems and applications supported?

Most systems and applications may be supported on request. Depending on the system or application that may take some time. All plugins are available as sourcecode. Any help with that is very welcome.

9. What happens when there is no user present?

In that case several possibilities are provided. After a maximum of 60 seconds the alternative system takes over and has another 30 seconds to find a solution in a different way. Optimally that should take 5-30 seconds. Each user has a maximum of 30 seconds to solve a captcha and a single captcha can be solved for a maximum of 999 seconds by up to 5 users. Only for captchas with max timeout 300 or higher. If no solution is found the credits will be refunded 60 seconds after the maximum timeout set by the user.

10. Is there a bonus system?

Yes, when using the reflink an additional credit is given per solved captcha. The same applies when using the API without standard captchas. Resolved there are +1 at 5 correct CAPTCHAs in order and under 7 seconds.

The bonus is granted as soon as at least 5 of the last captchas with feedback were reported as ok and it has been less than 7 seconds. And under 20 seconds for audio and interactive captchas.

11. What does "ERROR NO USER" especially with JD1 and JD2?

Generally were too few solver online or the passed maximum timeout for the captcha is too low. Especially in JD1 the second reason is usually the case. An update from JD1 on JD2 is recommended. You can use more priority (prio) for faster answers.

12. Captchas within the tolerance range

Individual captchas with the feedback "Not OK" can be within the tolerance range if it is only single and not multiple feedback of the same user over a period of up to 2 days. If a user gives incorrect feedback or wrong answers in a short timeframe then it's probably abuse.

Please only report obvious cases of abuse or discrepancies.
For example if over 50% of the captcha feedback is negative ("NotOK") it's probably abuse. 3% NotOK and 97% OK is probably just a mistake from the software used.

13. Tools and multiple captchas:

There can be several different causes but it's basically caused by the tool used for the download. On 9kw.eu only the captcha is visible but not which tool was used to submit it.

With several hosters using proper settings for instance with JDownloader can help, you should also update to JDownloader 2 in case you got a bug with the old software.


Einstellungen->Plugin Einstellungen->uploaded

Apart from that taking a look at the log of the respective tool helps.
The captcha service 9kw.eu has no influence on how much will be submitted for a particular download. Only with some tools like JDownloader, Pyload and Mipony for example has it been directly integrated or is a native plugin.

14. A new hoster with CAPTCHA not working in JDownloader 1, why?

With JDownloader all file hosting services have to be listed in jacinfo.xml in the folder captcha9kw. You can edit this list at all times with a text editor; JD needs to be restarted afterwards. Or update to JD2.

15. Limit

Only 10 new captchas per second will be accepted to protect the system, that is a total of 864000 captchas per day.

16. What is Prio+Confirm by tools, plugins and api ?

It allows for increased priority in processing and thus one usually gets a quicker solution. As an additional service, it will cost +1-20 depending on priority.

Confirm (cost +6) represents certify solutions. The input is checked again after a successful solution and compared for correctness.

17. Are there video tutorials?

Yes, the channel on YouTube of the project contains all of our own videos. Other videos can be found on the home page and in the help page. Alternatively the plugin and help pages are available besides the support.

18. Option Selfsolve / Selfonly (Sandbox)

Submitted CAPTCHAs need to be sent with the option selfsolve = 1 and selfsolve must be set to 1 on the Web site/API . In this case only you get your own CAPTCHAs if you have been online in the last minutes. Otherwise, selfsolve = 1 is ignored. You still receive other CAPTCHAs to increase your points. Each client can be used.

Regarding the settings:
1. "Yes": activates the function "selfsolve"
2. "No": deactivates the function "selfsolve"
3. "Type: all": all captchas are offered for solving.
4. "Type: own only": all self submitted captchas are offered for solving.
5. "Set selfsolve automatically for captchas: YES": sets "selfsolve" automatically for all own captchas, even if it's not supported by the submitting tool.

With "Selfonly" (only own captchas) like with "selfsolve" only you can disable captchas of others. See API under account.

Note: After 15-20 captchas in the last 5 minutes without answer with timeout our system set it to OFF.

19. Is a payout of the credits possible and if so how?

No normal or purchased credits can be used.

Only via rewards in the system as special credits.
In this case yes, using our reward system. Under Settings (userconfig) => Rewards => "PROVIDE ACTIVE HELP" the option can be enabled. This function is deactivated during a deposit.
Of course some captchas must be solved prior to ensure that active help for the project will really be provided.
Only new procedures in the form of solved captchas will be counted as so called "special credit" towards the payout.

Starting from a value of currently at least 140000 points payout by bank transfer can be requested. There are only 3 payouts in 30 days. For the transfer of this special credit both the recipient and the sender need to enable the option. Additionally the option "All options" has to be selected for the transfer.

Short guide for accountholder:
1. Earn 250 credits (Once per account required)
2. Go to the rewardpage on 9kw.eu
3. Activate the option for payout (cashout)
4. Then earn enough credits (140000 credits are enough but more is better)
5. Go back to the rewardpage and press the apply (Cashout) button.
6. Fill out the form (banktransfer or other payment methods)
7. After few workdays you have the money.

Short guide for one main accounts with multiple solvers/clients/users:
1. Earn 250 credits
2. Go to the rewardpage on 9kw.eu
3. Activate the option for payout (cashout)
4. Create one new apikeys for each solver (under "API Key").
5. Then earn enough credits (140000 credits are enough but more is better)
6. Go back to the rewardpage and press the apply (Cashout) button.
7. Fill out the form (banktransfer or other payment methods)
8. After few workdays you have the money.

Short guide for other accounts with transfer:
1. Earn 250 credits
2. Go to the rewardpage on 9kw.eu
3. Activate the option for payout (cashout)
4. Then earn credits (1000 credits are enough to transfer but more is better because min. 140000 credits for cashout)
5. Go to the transferpage under userconfig and transfer your credits to the other account with "all options".

Note: You can use multiple apikeys for your members. Multiple accounts are not required.

If using multiple accounts with a single bank account you must transfer the credits to a single 9kw.eu account and request cashout using one account only. Only carry out direct transfers to the destination and do not use any detours via other accounts.
Please note that only 3 payments per month are possible per account. There is only one account allowed per person for withdrawal.

If there is a deposit, then this function cannot be used. No exceptions.

20. Why aren't any downloads starting despite credits being used?

There can be lots of reasons for that regarding the software used for downloading.
Most software includes some kind of log or debug log to assess potential difficulties. Furthermore information regarding the history and the credit history under settings can be helpful.

Especially too many negative captcha feedbacks could be the cause in rare cases. Usually the problem lies with the download software so you should always make sure to use the newest version or update. Unsolved processes will be automatically refunded after 60 seconds. Because of this the expenditure should always be easily comprehensible.

21. Why aren't all common methods of payment worldwide implemented?

There are several reasons why not all common or useful methods are implemented yet. Starting with laws in Germany and Europe over necessary contracts or approval processes with the payment service provider to the amount of time required for the technical integration.

Additionally some methods can't be supported because of the extremely high fees for each transaction. We are working continuously on improving the situation and suggestions regarding this topic are always welcome.

22. Why do I receive the message 0015 Captcha zu schnell eingereicht / Captcha submitted too quickly ?

Several reasons are possible:
1. We have a high queue (500 and more captchas, see statistics/servercheck) and you don't use any priority options.
With max prio the queue limit is 999 (in that case the error message will end with "AllUser")
2. More than 10 captchas submitted per second or more than 30 new connections from a single ip in one second (to prevent DDoS attacks against the server).
Connection problems are possible if you have too many new connections in one second.
3. Captchas per hour or minute (set in your software or in the account under userconfig on website)
4. Other user settings under userconfig (for example only one captcha allowed every 30 seconds or jd1 blocktime function)

The error message is split into 3 groups. "User", "AllUser" and "Global". At the end of each error message you can find the word in brackets in the live message. It is not recorded in the error log.
"User" indicates a problem caused directly or indirectly by your account. "AllUser" affects multiple users. "Global" is a problem caused by the system.

Note: Sandbox mode allows max. 30 unsolved captchas per account!

23. Will credits be refunded if a solution is incorrect and reported as NotOK?

Yes, used credits will be refunded in that case after proper feedback.

24. Do you gain credits for all captchas solved using the ref system?

Yes, but only if there is no direct contact between both accounts, e.g. a transfer of credits. The ref system is intended as a reward mainly for new users.

25. When is a Captcha okay?

A Captcha is only solved properly if it works, strictly speaking. Obviosly correct solutions are also only regarded as probably correct solutions. The final approval is the feedback "OK".

26. What do the messages "0022 Submit denied", "0037 Transfer denied" or "0023 Solve denied" mean?

In the API settings individual rights can be set or revoked.

By default all rights are permitted for each key and can be revoked by changing the indicator to red, a green indicator means it's permitted.

Here "Submit" encompasses everything related to submitted processes.
In detail it refers to the API functions:
usercaptchaupload, usercaptchacorrectdata, usercaptchacorrectback, userhistory, userhistorydetail

For "Solve" it's the opposite and refers to the following API functions:
usercaptchanew, usercaptchanewok, usercaptchaskip, usercaptchacorrect, usercaptchacorrectcheck, userhistory2, userhistory3

"Transfer" refers to everything related to transfers and coupons with the following API functions:
usertransfer, usertransferlog, usergutscheincreate, usergutscheincheck, usergutscheinlog

All settings obviously apply only to your own account and only for a specific API key.

27. Do all captchas get feedback with OK/NotOK ?

In theory yes but in practice it's up to the user submitting the captcha whether a feedback with OK/NotOK is sent. For that reason not only captchas with feedback can be solved as you can't predict that. Otherwise it's assumed after 48 hours that the captcha was fine.

28. Why am I receiving the message "0036 Source not allowed" ?

In the API settings of our own account a value can be set as a source.
You should either create a new API key with an appropriate source in the field "Source", change an existing one or delete the field for the particular API key to deactivate it. Alternatively select "API" next to "General" under "One-Click API Key" in the API settings for a new key so that the API key is active without any restrictions for all preset functions.

29. How do I delete my e-mail or account?

Either under Userconfig => Advanced Settings => "Account delete" or as a direct call: https://www.9kw.eu/index.cgi?action=userdeaktiv

Alternatively for only the e-mail under Settings => E-Mail => change => "Remove your E-Mailadress in your account" or as a direct call: https://www.9kw.eu/mail_change.html