Also see Help and API for further information.


Application programming interface
Simply use the interface to write own software for the service.
We'll gladly link to your software after an inspection.
Also see API Seite and API Verwaltung

Extended API

Various interfaces like DBC(Death by Captcha), CBH, Expertdecoders, AG(Antigate) and more are now supported in their basic functions to use premade tools without adjustment thereof with our service. It is certainly possible that it doesn't always work. Preferably use tools that are intended for the service.
WARNING: This might not work with all software.

4a. Instruction for normal users:
4b. Instruction for technical users:
    Edit the file hosts under C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (oder /etc/hosts unter Linux) as Administrator (root) and add the following line:
4c. Instruction for normal users with hostsman:
    Download and install HostsMan (Freeware)
    Click Tools => HostsMan Editor => Edit => Add Hostname
    Enter the following lines to the text field:

    In the next text field enter the IP and press "Add" + File => Save.
4d. Instruction for proxy users:
Download and start 9kw-tunnel-proxy (Source)
Add as Proxy in the tool or system.
Use your software with the system.
9kw API Key is always the key and username/password.