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Price: $67.00 / month
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Money Robot software is the single SEO software that fully automates the human submissions, the software is designed to build high quality web 2.0 backlinks from high authority domains using the most powerful SEO diagrams!

Product Features

  • Simple user interface
  • ~100% human simulated submissions
  • Powerful diagrams
  • Backlinks indexing module included
  • Proxy included (400k IPs included)S
  • ...and many more!

Instructions & Conditions

  • To apply for this offer, you MUST buy this software using the link provided on this page.
  • Please, send us a message about your purchase.
  • You'll receive Free CAPTCHAs as long as you're subscribed to the software.
  • All software, plugins or offers section shown on should be downloaded, purchased and/or used at your own risk. can't be liable for the suitability, reliability, availability, delivery time and accuracy of the software listed.

Intructions to use our captcha service with the software:

1. Install Money Robot and HostsMan (or use the hosts file)
2. Setup with
HostsMan => "Tools" => "HostsMan Editor" => "Edit" => "Add Hostname"
Use "" as Hostname and as IP => Add
Then "File" => "Save" and "File" => "Close"

Start Money Robot and use "Settings" => Tab "Captcha Services" => "decaptcher" => "Username"+"Password" => insert your api key => "Save".


3. Finish!

Other information:

Your software has the api? Or it works with our captcha service? Then contact us!
See our Helpsite, API and Extended API for more information.

Developer? Then we have a offer for you, if you will integrate our service with your software then we will share 10% of all incoming captchas from your software. Request a DEVID for your software. We also can generate discount codes for our service, please send us a message and we will generate it.