JDownloader 2

Can be used only with the software JDownloader 2 (Java, Windows, Mac, Linux, Linux_64)
Support for Text-, Mouse- and Confirm-Captchas with Captcha-Feedback.

Instructions & Conditions

  • All software, plugins or offers section shown on 9kw.eu should be downloaded, purchased and/or used at your own risk. 9kw.eu can't be liable for the suitability, reliability, availability, delivery time and accuracy of the software listed.

Intructions to use our captcha service with the software:

The guide is available as Video, use the Forum and see our helpsite.

Preferred method:
Please under Settings => Captcha => 9kw.eu => Edit => "Enter Api Key" set the API Key and click under "Enable 9kw.eu Service" on "Text Captchas" + "Mouse Captchas".

Alternative method:
Please under Settings => Advanced Settings => Captcha9kwSettings: apikey set the API Key and click on Captcha9kwSettings: enabled + Captcha9kwSettings: mouse

Set CaptchaSettings: Captcha Dialog9kw Timeout to 900000
CaptchaSettings: Captcha Exchange Services should be enabled

Videolink: https://youtu.be/MybCtQSZl4w

JDownloader 1 (old)

Please upgrade to JDownloader 2!
We strongly recommend to upgrade to JD2, if you have old JD1.
JDownloader 1 has no core updates since 5 years.

Other information:

Your software has the 9kw.eu api? Or it works with our captcha service? Then contact us!
See our Helpsite, API and Extended API for more information.

Developer? Then we have a offer for you, if you will integrate our service with your software then we will share 10% of all incoming captchas from your software. Request a DEVID for your software. We also can generate discount codes for our service, please send us a message and we will generate it.