• Nearly every standard captcha in less than one minute
  • Interfaces and plugins for easy usage
  • Fast sign up just with an e-mail address

Solving captchas by hand is annoying and time-consuming, simply use our service to collect credits and have your own captchas solved comfortably.

+5-10 credits per solved standard captcha, -10 per submitted standard captcha.
When using the API (interface) to solve a captcha (without standard) there is a bonus (+1) and another bonus (+1 for under 12 seconds and +2 for under 20 seconds for audio and interactive, other types +1 for under 7 seconds) for the refuser. Many plugins are already available, e.g. for JDownloader (see Plugins).

Type Cost Earn Feedback Files
Standard -10 +7 YES 1
Rotate -10 +7 YES 1
Text -10 +7 YES 1
Mouse -10 +7 YES 1
Multimouse -10 +7 YES 1
Puzzle -10 +7 YES 1-8
Audio -12 +8 YES 1
Big size* -12* +8 YES 1
Interactive -25** +18 Limited*** 1
* Big size - is an captcha where sum of height and width is more than 400px (width+height, max. 800px)
** It's 5 points higher without the option proxy, pageurl and useragent.
*** Feedback on interactive captchas is currently only used for statistics and for measures against abuse.

If individual Captcha-types are excluded one point less will be credited for each solved captcha. It can be disabled at any time. And one point for not enough captcha types selected like under 3. And sandbox (selfsolve) mode is without any bonus.

A purchase option of 40000 credit points for 5 EUR is possible after registration.

Supported browsers

Solving captchas directly in the browser to earn credits:

  • Internet Explorer / Edge
  • Firefox / SeaMonkey
  • Google Chrome / Chromium
  • Opera
  • Safari
Or earn credits with our 9kw client!
Also see Help, Plugins und API for further information.

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