Server optimization

19.02.2013, 23:41


first of all there has been a little incident and a short failure. The problem has been solved by now and everything should be working as usual again.

There have been several changes and updates with the project:
1. The app for iPhone/iPad (iOS) is available and can be found under Plugins.
2. Update for Windows Phone app (free).
3. “History” has been added to the API.
4. Several areas like ToS/Privacy have been translated to English.
5. jCatGUI is available with an improved version with an indicator for server load.
6. Problems with e-mail addresses of have been solved.
7. Hints and keys have been added in several places. An example for a short key can be found at the bottom of every history.
8. Mipony plugin v1.2
9. 9kw gui v1.31
10. fritz!load plugin update
11. pyload plugin update
12. C#, VB .Net, Java and JavaScript API as example

We are looking for still Java, Python and C# programmers for plugins, api examples
and tools.

If you have questions, problems or suggestions don't hesitate to contact us!

New DB-Server

07.12.2012, 16:41


In addition to the new front-end server, we have now a better database server for a few hours in use and hope that now everything again stable.

Processor Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (Intel Smart Cache: 8MB)
Core 4 (Threads 8, Frequenz 3.4GHz)
Ram 32 GB DDR3
Drive Intel SSD 320 (raid1, 2x 120GB SSD)

We hope that it now everything works as usual and wish you lots of fun with the project.

New Server :-)

04.12.2012, 22:14

Hello :-)

this time we were surprised by an unexpected damage to the hard drive on the server and had to act.For that reason it was in the last 3 days, sporadic incidents in the form of short failures or overloads. This has now been fixed everything.

We have used that to move immediately to a new bigger server. The hardware of the new (front-)server:

Hard drive: 2 x 2000 GB SATA 3.5 7.200 rpm (Raid1)
CPU: AMD Opteron 3280 Octacore (8 Cores)
Barebone: Fujitsu PRIMERGY MX130 S2
RAM 16 gigabytes of RAM

It can be due to DNS update on the domain take up to 24 hours for the website / domain is running on the new server. The database runs regardless already on a better server.

We hope that it now everything works as usual quickly and wish you lots of fun with the project.

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