Here you can find instructions, videos and further help with the service. Please keep in mind that a solved standard captcha costs 10 credits.


Please generate a new API key in the settings at and enter it at "", then open the Pyload installation.

Open the archive with WinRAR or something similar; extract the file "" to the "hooks" folder of Pyload (data\userplugins\hooks).

Please set timeout to 900 in the settings.

Then start Pyload, enter the API key under Plugins in Pyload, set timeout to 900, "Force captcha resolving even if client is connected:"/"Activated" set to on and the captchas are solved automatically with sufficient credits.

And for CLI / Debian / Ubuntu Linux, it is also easy:
And for Ubuntu Linux 14, it is also easy:
And for CentOS Linux 7, it is also easy:
And for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) with Git:

Other downloads for Pyload:

Or use github:

Always use the latest version from for Pyload!

More information:
1. Debug: /usr/share/pyload/ --debug
2. Reset cache (pyc/pyo): /usr/share/pyload/ --clean

See under plugins "Pyload".