Here you can find instructions, videos and further help with the service. Please keep in mind that a solved standard captcha costs 10 credits.


Use one browser like Firefox, Cyberfox, Pale Moon or Waterfox and install iMacros 8.9.7!

Download (Only iMacros 8.9.7 not higher!)
Pale Moon with Moon Tester Tool (Addons => Moon Tester Tool => "Install Test Add-on" => "Select file")

Now click on "Install" and install the extension:

Then disable automatic updates in the browser settings:

The extensions can be called directly via about:addons

Now click on "more":

Then set it to "Off":

Now click either on the icon next to the search field in the browser or press the "F8" key to open the menu of iMacros.

Insert the desired script (* .iim or * .js)
Examples with iMacros v8.9.7 for Firefox: ReCaptcha v2, Funcaptcha, Keycaptcha, Coincaptcha

Insert the respective files under the path C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\iMacros\Macros:

Replace "[USERNAME]" with your own user name.

Now open the file by right-clicking on "Edit Macro":

Set only the API key, url, customizations and settings if necessary:

Then press Play.

Siehe auch API and form für iMacros