Here you can find instructions, videos and further help with the service. Please keep in mind that a solved standard captcha costs 10 credits.


Simply enter the API key in apikey.txt and use the CLI (Command Line Interface) according to the commands.

Basic commands:

Syntax: captcha9kw [COMMAND1] [VALUE1] [VALUE2]
Example: captcha9kw guthaben
Help: captcha9kw help

Replace CaptchaID with the received ID for the captcha. Replace test.png with the desired image. Accepted formats: GIF, JPG or PNG.

Example for Windows:
captcha9kw upload test.png > captcha.txt & set /p captchaid=<captcha.txt & del captcha.txt & captcha9kw getdata %captchaid%

Example for Linux:
captchaid=`captcha9kw upload test.png` | captcha9kw getdata $captchaid

See under plugins "CLI".

As alternative you can use the API.