Here you can find instructions, videos and further help with the service. Please keep in mind that a solved standard captcha costs 10 credits.

Candisoft (Load)

Please generate as user a new API Key in the settings at and click under "One-Click API Key" on Candisoft and copy the key, then open the Candisoft installation.

Example with Windows C:\Programme\Candisoft\ocr\methods

Open the archive with WinRAR or something similar, extract the folder captcha9kw to the Methods folder of Candisoft (ocr\methods).

Your ocr\methods folder should look something like this:

Open the file apikey.txt and enter the generated API key.

After that simply start Candisoft and the captchas are solved automatically with sufficient credits.

Recommended setting:

See under plugins "Candisoft" (Load).