01.01.2018, 23:24


everything should be working as usual.

There have been several changes and updates with the project since the last news:
01. Better PHP API example with Curl and Snoopy is available.
02. C++ API example is available.
03. History of password and e-mail address changes integrated.
04. 9kw client is available for interactive captchas.
05. Help page for JDownloader 2, iMacros, Recaptcha v2 and all other tools has been updated.
06. New mobile iOS app CaptchaToGo available.
07. Rewards and FAQ have been improved.
08. The server has been extended for more speed and more captcha types.
09. Captchas per minute as optional limit available.
10. small sitemap and other advertising material were added.
11. iMacros examples with captcha feedback, Recaptcha v2, Funcaptcha, Coincaptcha, more comments and better options have been updated.
12. API management now allows the new "Transfer" permission to enable or disable it per API key.
13. Debugmode and other new options like JSON output in the API as extension.
14. More is coming soon!

We are looking for still Java programmers for JD2/Android, Javascript programmers for Browseraddons, Python programmers for Pyload and C# programmers for Mipony and for plugins, api examples and tools.

If you have questions, problems or suggestions don't hesitate to contact us!

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