Server with ip from Lithuania

05.05.2014, 02:15


everything should be working as usual.

There have been several changes and updates with the project:
1. New server and serverip (for seo tools) with ip from Lithuania and DDoS Protection
2. Little JD2 update for 9kw in the last weeks (auto updater)
3. Plugin update for Fritz!Load with more options
4. 9kw History with Confirm Captchas
5. OpenSource CaptchaSolver with Confirm Captchas and https
6. New downloader Sharedownloader with 9kw option for captchas
7. New 9kw options for captchas and allowed/blocked for select captchas types (sizes)
8. More is coming soon

We are looking for still Java programmers for JD2, Python programmers for Pyload and C# programmers for Mipony and for plugins, api examples and tools.

If you have questions, problems or suggestions don't hesitate to contact us!

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